Land Rover Service in Vancouver

Certified technicians to keep your Land Rover or Range Rover in optimal condition.

Bringing your Land Rover or Range Rover to Rovalution for service in North Vancouver means you can expect professional service, reliable diagnosis and the use of top quality parts and materials. As your Land Rover or Range Rover ages, we will help you keep you on the road with peace of mind with OEM and better-than-new parts like Polybush and many more.


Basic Oil & Filter Change

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This service is recommended for those who just want a basic oil change or have an extra oil change in between their regularly scheduled maintenance service.

This service includes:

  • Quality branded engine oil

  • Quality OEM oil filter

  • New drain plug gasket

  • 50-Point visual inspection

  • Top up windscreen washer fluid

  • Reset service reminder if fitted

  • Vehicle wash and vacuum

Preventative Maintenance

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Completing preventative maintenance on your Land Rover means it will give you reliable operation and adventures for years to come.

This preventative service includes:

  • Check oil level and condition before change

  • Replace oil, filter & drain plug washer

  • Torque wheel nuts

  • Check brake pad wear front and rear

  • Check and set tire pressures

  • Check coolant level, condition and pressure test

  • Inspect air filter

  • Top up windscreen washer fluid

  • Check brake fluid level

  • Check engine drive belts tension and condition

  • Check tire wear and condition

  • Check all exterior lights

  • Check wiper blades for tears or streaking

  • Replace service reminder decal, stamp service book

  • Reset service reminder if fitted

  • Vehicle wash and vacuum

Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Thinking about buying a Land Rover or Range Rover? Amazing! We love them (obviously). Arrange for the vehicle to be brought to us for a unbiased opinion on the vehicle as well as a list of anything that catches our trained eyes. We visually inspect and report on the current condition of the engine and external components, transmission, driveline components, suspension, steering, brakes, tires and wheels, electrical and computer control systems. We road test the vehicle to ensure components and features are working properly. You could save yourself thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance and repairs or buy with confidence.


The details


Specialized Tools

Servicing your Land Rover or Range Rover means the use of specialized tools to make the job more efficient and easier on both the cars and our technicians and ultimately, easier on your pocket book. Combine our decades of combined experience in the Land Rover brand with our passion and dedication to quality and you'll always leave happy.



Oil & Lube

All cars need oil and lube, but do you know which is best for your Land Rover and your needs? If you're an occaisional user compared to a hard core overlander - the oil and lube will vary for optimal performance. We will help you get the most out of your vehicle with every service.



Your Land Rover is no lightweight so making sure it comes to a stop quickly and safely is very important. We'll ensure your vehicle always stops when you ask it to and our extensive experience with the Supercharged Range Rover models means we can service your Brembo brakes, too.


Warning Lights

Your Land Rover or Range Rover contains miles of wire and many different computers that give you amazing on road and offroad handling with all the creature comforts we love in our vehicles. Our extensive experience helps us diagnose electrical and other issues quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road.



There's a lot of lamps on your Land Rover, leaving out the headlamps there's puddle lights, door sill illumination and a lot more. We can add trailer wiring to your Range Rover for a trip you've been planning or the, "I need to tow my boat and have no trailer wiring - help!". We've got you covered.


Wheels & Tires

Our experience with the Land Rover brand means we can help you select a combination of wheels and tires to suit your driving style and needs. Plus, when it’s time to swap your winter and summer tires, leave them with us till you need them next season and ready just give us a call!



Keeping your Land Rover or Range Rover aligned means your tires and suspension will last longer, you will enjoy a smoother ride, your tires will wear more evenly and your suspension componentry will last longer


Your Land Rover or Range Rover has a very complicated suspension system to give you outstanding handling and the ability to go offroading at some incredible angles. Keep it in optimal condition and even better than OEM with the addition of Polybush. 



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