Classic Projects

DEFENDER | SERIES I | SERIES II | Series III | Range Rover Classic


Bespoke classic land rover builds.

From the ground up (excuse the pun) our Rovalution Classics start with a thorough vehicle inspection to determine the state of the vehicle before we begin. From there, the possibilities, as they say, are endless. From a few bolt-on accessories, to a full ground-up and frame-off restoration, we've done it all.


Performance & Tuning

Turn your Defender into a vehicle that doesn't get left at the light when it turns green. With performance enhancements from Allisport and other brands, we can make your Defender quicker, faster and more fuel efficient than you've ever dreamed.



Suspension solutions to complement your driving style. From on-road show Defender and Series trucks, to Defenders that get used in off-road rallies or for carrying the family around. Whatever your need, suspension upgrades are a must.


Paint & Vinyl Wrap

Your Land Rover Defender or Series truck will likely need a coat of paint to get it back to it's original glory. Want something a little more wild, or planning to take your vehicle off-road frequently? Then a vinyl wrap is for you.


Lighting & Other Electrical

Embrace the technology, low power consumption and most importantly, ultra bright beam that LED lighting can bring to your Defender, Series truck or Range Rover Classic. Add camp lighting and other electrical work to complete the package.


Interior Leather/Cloth

More often than not, these classics need some help in the interior department. After decades of love and use, it's time for something new. A full luxury leather, Alcantara or cloth interior will make your classic Defender or Series truck stand out from the crowd.


Audio & Sound Proofing

What? (See what we did there?) It's no secret classic Land Rover's aren't quiet machines, especially on the highway. With a full sound proofing kit, you will enjoy a much quieter ride - then turn that volume up to 11 with your new audio system to enjoy it to it's full potential.


Talk with a project manager about your dream Land Rover.