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Turn your Land Rover LR3, LR4 or Range Rover into an overlanding, exploring machine for you and your family to explore the unknown and go where others would never dare. With roof rack systems, integrated storage, energy management, winches and protection, kitchens and a lot more, you can get away from it all, get outside and create unforgettable memories.


Winch & Recovery

Whether you want a pronounced winch in a new steel bumper or a discrete winch that is invisible within the stock Land Rover bumper and front fascia, we can help. We can also add additional recovery points and jacking points that are easily accessible.


Roof Top Tent/Roof Rack

Get your bed off the ground and sleep on a memory foam mattress that flips open in a matter of seconds. Never look for another perfectly flat space again, and get the bonus of a covered area below when your tent is open. 



Storage is essential when you're travelling off-road. Keeping things organized means that you arrive at camp with everything in it’s place and ready for recreation. Built-in drawers can help you stay organized and keep your gear secure.


Lighting & Other Electrical

Make sure you can get where you need to go safely, even in the middle of the night, with ultra bright LED auxiliary lighting and camp lighting for when you get there. To run all these accessories, we can add another battery and charging system to keep everything powered up, all the time.



Keep your food (and your beers) icy cold and preserved on your drives to the great unknown. A quality fridge preserves your supplies, even when your vehicle isn't running. Pair a quality built in fridge with a dual battery, and you'll be keeping your food fresh for the whole trip.



Paired with slide-out drawers or an organization system, a slide-out stove will have you cooking Michelin star meals for your camp in no time. You'll be the envy of all your friends when you pull up at camp and in less than 30 seconds, your stove, fridge and sink are set and ready to rock.


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